Hunter Spring Launches New Website

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hunter Spring, an established leader of flat springs and retractable cord reels, has launched the new and reconfigured website The new website replaces

“Hunter Spring is recognized on the market for its passion in spring science and superior customer service and the new website reflects exactly this.” says Corry Luckenbach, Business Unit Manager at Hunter Spring.

It invites users to experience the wide range of high quality flat springs and retractable reels manufactured and supplied by Hunter Spring, while guiding them to quick and easy access to data sheets with CAD drawings, selection guides and design forms for custom spring and reel designs. In the FAQ section users can find answers to some of their spring related questions and the Learning Zone offers visual explanation on how to use different types of springs in relevant applications.

For 100 years Hunter Spring has supplied its versatile range of products to a wide selection of industries such as heavy duty reels for fuel transport, constant force springs for doors and drawers on airplanes and retractable power cord reels for pallet trucks and electric forklifts in the OEM industry.

Due to its skilled Application Engineers and strive to always find the best solution, Hunter Spring is a company with a lot of industry firsts throughout its existence. Back in the 60’s Hunter Spring was the first company to develop the STACER, a spring specially designed to deploy probes and antennas on satellites after reaching orbit. The STACER has proven its worth in many highly sensitive government and military space projects where reliability is the key to success.

A more recent industry first, the DuraReel line of retractable power cord reels eliminates trip hazards in hospitals and surgical suites. This unique medical grade power cord reel features a permanent antimicrobial additive which continuously protects the cord reel from mold, mildew and odor. There is nothing else like the DuraReel on the market today. 
Hunter Spring is based just outside Philadelphia, PA and to remain focused on producing high quality products, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Sales are all under one roof.

“Passion, expertise and customer service are all ingrained in Hunter Spring’s DNA. We enjoy helping our customers find the right solution whether it is a standard power cord reel from stock or a custom spring specially designed for use in outer space.  Our new website marks a big step forward for Hunter Spring, especially in our ability to communicate the wide range of innovative solutions we provide” Luckenbach adds.