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VGA Cord Cable Reel with Audio - 4in reel, 6ft cable

VGA Cord Cable Reel with Audio
The 4” VGA with audio compact data reel is our smallest VGA cord reel size.

These data reels are easy-to-use cable management solutions specially suited for use in conference rooms, classrooms, and lecture hall applications.

The 4" VGA cable reels can be gang-attached or mounted into an optional housing bezel and installed into walls, tables, and podiums.

Key Features
- Compact size
- VGA with audio Male retracting to Male fixed end
- Durable plastic housing
- Pawl and ratchet locks cord in place
- Can be gang-attached and with other 4” data reels
- 5’ extension for retractable cord, 3ft fixed end
- Custom OEM solutions available

Request more information to see how we can help you with a retractable data reel solution that suits your need or configure your custom reel today using our design worksheets.