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Our flat springs and retractable cable reels have applications across a wide range of different industries. Below is a list of just some of the main industry sectors we serve.

Hunter Spring works with some of the largest companies across the globe as well as small, start-up businesses around the corner. Click on one of the links below to get a better understanding of how our products are used.
  • Sound and Lighting for Stages
    Sound & Lighting

    We empower the music industry with reliable, rugged, and high-performance retractable reels for easy cable management for on and off-stage music and lighting equipment.

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  • Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

    Understanding the science in springs allows our engineers to customize the spring-driven mechanical reels to apply the appropriate amount of counterbalance required for the EV charging cable.

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  • Audio / Visual
    Audio / Visual

    At Hunter Spring we are specialists in manufacturing retractable data cable reels and power cord reels for AV applications, conference rooms and office environments.

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  • Fuel Transport / Refueling
    Fuel Transport / Refueling

    We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of static grounding reels on the market today. We have provided static grounding reels, also known as static discharge reels, for commercial, industrial and military applications for over 50 years.

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  • Food / Pharma / Chemical
    Food / Pharma / Chemical

    Hunter Spring offers high quality stainless steel static grounding reels, retractors, and counterbalances to the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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  • Industrial OEM Equipment
    Industrial OEM Equipment

    Hunter Spring supplies quality springs, spring powered cable reels and cord reels for general industrial applications. Our rugged cord reels are built to endure the most demanding environments.

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  • Medical Devices
    Medical Devices

    We provide specialized hospital grade cable reel solutions for mobile medical equipment. We also supply custom springs, mechanical spring reels and cable winders specially designed for the medical industry.

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  • Hunter spring and Reels for Robots

    Hunter Spring provides specialized power cords, data reels, and spring solutions for sensitive governmental and military space projects, surgical robots, cleaning robots, UV disinfection units, mobile units, electrical hospital beds, and x-ray machines

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  • Aerospace

    Hunter Spring has developed spring and reel solutions for the aerospace industry for decades. Retraction of luggage doors, tray tables and armrests along with opening and closing of cabin doors, cargo doors and stairs are just a few of the applications that our spring and reel prdcts have been used for over the past decade.

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  • Defense / Military
    Defense / Military

    Hunter Spring is a leading supplier of flat spring products and an approved source of supply for a wide range of springs and spring powered assemblies to the defense and military industries.

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