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Hunter Spring and Cord Reels for Robots
At Hunter Spring, our passion is designing and manufacturing high quality flat coil springs and retractable power cord reel products used for robots and the robotic industry, as well as any other industry that requires high-quality products for complex applications where reliability and durability is a must.

Apollo missions, sensitive governmental and military space projects, surgical robots, cleaning robots, UV disinfection units, and mobile units such as electrical hospital beds and x-ray machines are just some of the projects that uses Hunter Spring cord reels, b-motors or springs for reliable functionality that can be trusted to last in harsh environments.

Our skilled Application Engineers are specialized in designing custom spring and cord reel solutions that matches the need of each individual product while respecting the visual design and functionality of the end product.

Some of the solutions we supply to the robotic industry are:

Recharge of robots:

We supply power cord reels designed for custom or general applications on, under or inside robotic equipment that needs recharging as an easy plug-and-go solution.

Robotic arms:
We supply high quality springs and b-motors for counter balancing of robotic arms used on robots within medical, engineering, industrial and similar usage.

Grounding mobile machinery:
We supply retractable cable that can ground/bond mobile machinery to ensure the equipment can be bonded to the vessel it is working with, or connected to ground if available.

With more than 100 years of experience within the spring and cord reel industry, Hunter Spring have proved ourselves as ground breaking cord and spring specialists over and over again with many industry-firsts.
Medical spring applications can for instance be used to counterbalance surgical robotic arms. Visit our custom springs page for more information.

We invite you to consult us. We may well be able to formulate a solution that will surprise you with its efficiency and versatility.