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Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

As the times are changing and refueling stations step-by-step are replaced by electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, we have been a natural partner to the designers and manufacturers of EV charging stations, as they needed to implement compact, tidy, and trouble-free cable management solutions for their EV charging stations across the world. 

By using our retractable cable reels for EV charging stations, cable wear is reduced, tangled cables are eliminated, and cable is neatly stored away when not in use. This way, we help EV charging station developers shape the future of safe and trouble-free recharging of electric cars.

We offer multiple mechanical cable reel platforms that our engineers can customize to counterbalance the various charging cables. Hunter’s cable reels pull the middle of the charging cable back while the user walks back the charging end. This ensures that the cable is safely out of the way for the next EV car to pull up to be charged.

Our constant torque motor assemblies produce a constant retraction making it easier for the user to walk the charging cable back to the station when they are finished charging their vehicle.

With the heavy gauge cable required for fast charging EV cables, our mechanical reels are an ideal cable management solution. By adding tension to the middle of the EV cable, there is less of a burden for the user to replace the cable back onto the charging station.

Understanding the science in springs allows our engineers to customize the spring-driven mechanical reels to apply the appropriate amount of counterbalance required for the EV charging cable.

As a flat spring manufacturer, we can customize the performance of the cable reel to meet your expectations.