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Medical Devices

Medical Devices
Hunter Spring specializes in providing retractable power cord reel and data cable reel solutions to the medical OEM industry.

We provide specialized hospital grade medical cable reel solutions for mobile medical equipment such as:

- Point of care (POC) carts
- Telemedicine carts
- X-ray machines
- Stretcher beds
- Mobile C-arm
- Mobile cardiac assist carts
- Endoscopy carts
- Mobile exam lights

Our cord reel solutions can be integrated inside the equipment or provided as a bolt-on accessory.

Hunter Spring’s medical grade power cord reels are UL recognized and are fully compliant to IEC 60601-1 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 standards to make your certification process a breeze!

Our cord reels are UL recognized and CE compliant for worldwide use, as we can offer cord and plug solutions for any international destination. See our custom OEM power cord reel page for more information.

We also supply custom springs, mechanical spring reels and cable winders to the medical industry for various counterbalance, retrieving and rewinding applications.

Medical spring applications can range from counterbalancing surgical robotic arms to assisting drug mixing devices. Visit our custom springs page for more information.

We invite you to consult us. We may well be able to formulate a solution that will surprise you with its efficiency and versatility.