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Food / Pharma / Chemical

Food / Pharma / Chemical
Hunter Spring offers a variety of retractable cable reel solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where cleanliness and durability are of utmost importance.

Our most popular products for these industries are our stainless steel reels that are often used for:

- Static grounding and bonding to prevent discharge of static electricity in explosive atmospheres
- Counterbalancing overhead tools, probes, and equipment 
- Equipment door and fume hood closers or counterbalances
- Equipment or hand tool tethers
- Retrieving and returning of parts or hand tools

Our range of stainless steel reels covers the ROTA-REELs family that features a fully 304 stainless steel exterior housing and a clean, aesthetic solution that blends perfectly with other stainless steel equipment.

The stainless steel ROTA-REELs are designed to provide a low-spark, static bonding connection between ground and equipment in explosive atmospheres, but can also be used for tethering, retrieving, returning, and counterbalancing of light weight items.

All Hunter Spring products are manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001-2008.

In our FAQ section you can learn about the advantages of using stainless steel cable reels in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Contact our sales department to discuss your special requirements for stainless steel static grounding reels, retractors, and counterbalances today.