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Hunter Spring has been developing flat spring and reel solutions for the aerospace industry for decades.

Our constant force springs have been used on a wide range of aircrafts to facilitate the opening and closing of cabin doors, cargo doors and stairs.

Our smaller, spring powered cable reels have been used to retract everything from luggage doors to tray tables, armrests and footrests.

Outside the aircraft, Hunter Spring provides a variety of static grounding reels used by ground service crews when refueling aircraft and transporting fuel.

Our constant force springs are used on navigation and landing system antennas and even satellites.

Our unique Stacer spring (Spiral Tube and Actuator for Controlled Extension and Retraction) is used to deploy probes and antennas on satellites after reaching orbit.

We invite you to consult us. We may well be able to formulate a custom solution that will surprise you with its efficiency and versatility.