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Sound & Lighting

Sound and Lighting for Stages
Hunter Spring has been well represented in the music industry for several years, supplying microphone cables, lighting cables, and much more to the music and lighting professionals through our dedicated channel partner, Stage Ninja, who specializes in reliable, high-performance stage equipment. 

Music Equipment Cable Management
Our series of retractable XLR cable reels make the job on stage easy and safe, ensuring that the cord not  in use can remain safely retracted in the reel housing to prevent trip hazards and a messy impression both on and off-stage. Simply pull the cable to the desired length and it automatically locks in place indicating the lock with a small “click” sound. Constant tension (non-locking) cable reels are also available for equipment where this is desired.

Lighting Cable Management
Our DMX series of retractable cable reels are used for cable management within lighting both on and off-stage as well as anywhere else where nice, clean lighting solutions are desired. Similar to the XLR cable reels, the DMX reels ensure safe and easy cable management with an automatic lock function when the cable has been pulled into the desired length.

Both series of cables are heavily protected inside the rugged steel housing and can withstand harsh treatment when things need to move fast both when building and taking down the stage as well as during the show.

Through Stage Ninja, we offer off-the-shelf cable reels as well as custom reels with special connectors or cable preferences. Cords and reels are available in multiple sizes and price ranges, and horizontal as well as in vertical mounting options.

- Microphone cables (retractable or non-retractable)
- Lighting cables (retractable or non-retractable)
- DJ cables (retractable or non-retractable)
- and much more…

For further details, see the product information here, and contact Stage Ninja at for expert guidance on cable management for your professional music and stage equipment.