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Fuel Transport / Refueling

Fuel Transport / Refueling
Anyone in the fuel transportation or refueling industry can tell you just how important static grounding reels are for preventing explosions.

Hunter Spring has been providing static grounding reels, also known as static discharge reels, for commercial, industrial and military applications for over 50 years. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of static grounding reels on the market today.

Our reels have been mounted to truck frames, drilling platforms, material handling equipment, storage tanks, railcars, docks and barges all over the world.

Aircraft refueling is one of our most popular applications for static grounding reels. In this application our reels are used to ground the plane and the truck delivering the fuel to prevent static electricity from building up and causing an explosion.
As a flat spring manufacturer, Hunter Spring can customize the performance of the reel to meet your specifications.

We carry a variety of cable types and end connectors for different applications. We also offer several stainless steel reels for harsh, corrosive and even explosive environments.

For applications that require longer lengths of cable (50-100ft), our heavy-duty ML series reels are the perfect fit. These heavy duty cord reels come standard with an internal retraction brake which limits the retraction speed to 2-7 ft/sec, preventing the cable and connector from whipping around and getting tangled.

We invite you to consult us. We may well be able to formulate a static grounding reel solution that will surprise you with its efficiency and versatility.