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Hunter Spring designs and manufactures a wide variety of flat springs and retractable spring reel products.  Over the past century of operation, we have enjoyed the prestige of achieving a number of industry firsts. We made the first springs used in automotive seatbelt retractors, created high-energy electric brush motor springs, and pioneered the STACER (Spiral Tube & Actuator for Controlled Extension and Retraction) used for deploying satellite antennas and probes.

The expertise of our staff extends to virtually every area of spring motor and cable reel design. Our application experience combined with our manufacturing capabilities enable us to custom-design products to suit a wide array of challenging specifications.

If your products rely on constant force springs, constant torque springs, power springs, clock springs or counterbalance springs, we invite you to consult us.  If you are looking for retractable power cord or retractable data cable reel for medical, aerospace, or general industrial applications, we may be able to formulate a custom solution that will surprise you with its efficiency and versatility.
  • Springs

    Hunter Spring has been producing flat springs for over a century. As a leader in the design and manufacture of coiled springs, Hunter Spring products are used in applications across the commercial, industrial, medical, military and aerospace markets.

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  • Medical Grade Power Cord Reel
    Power Reels

    Our high quality retractable cord reels meet applicable standards for UL/CSA and IEC for both electrical and medical requirements. They can be configured in multiple ways to meet your specific application.

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  • Data Cable Reels
    Data Reels

    Hunter Spring manufactures a wide range of retractable date cable reels for your network, audio, data, Ethernet, instrumentation wire, lighting control, video and cable management needs.

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  • Mechanical Cable Reels
    Mechanical Cable Reels

    Hunter Spring offers a great selection of spring powered cable reels with different mounting options. These spring reels, also known as cable retractors, provide a fast and economical solution for applications where counterbalancing, retrieving or returning functions are required.

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  • Static Discharge Reels
    Static Grounding Reels

    Our ROTA-REEL and heavy duty reels are built for reliable performance and are ideal for use in ground support for aircraft, bulk powder transfer stations, terminals and refineries.

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  • Stacers

    The STACER is the original antenna spring and is used in a wide range of demanding applications within the aerospace and military industries.

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