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Mechanical Cable Reels

Hunter Spring offers a great selection of spring powered cable reels with different mounting options. These spring reels, also known as cable retractors, provide a fast and economical solution for applications where counterbalancing, retrieving or returning functions are required.

We classify our spring reels according to mounting style. We offer arbor mounted reels, base mounted reels and bracket mounted reels. Our reels range in diameter from 2.0” to 6.0” and are capable of providing pull forces from 0.5 lbs to 35.0 lbs. Custom reels are also available with up to 94 lbs of force!  

Our larger, steel reels are commonly used as door closers on airplanes, trains, trucks, elevators and loading docks. Our smaller, plastic reels are often used as cable management devices or as tethering devices in point of purchase and retail displays.

Hunter Spring also offers a series of cable retractors that can provide either constant force or constant torque. Instead of a conventional power spring, these reels use a constant force spring (Negator) and we refer to them as spring motor assemblies or B-motors.  

Custom OEM spring reels are available.
  • Arbor Mounted Reels
    Arbor Mounted Reels

    Our arbor mounted mechanical spring reels are designed to mount onto a square shaft and comes with an exposed cable and spool which allows the end user to adjust the spring tension.

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  • Base Mounted Reels
    Base Mounted Reels

    Our base mounted reels are available in metal or plastic as either open or closed constructions. These compact spring reels range in force between 0.5 lbs and 2.0 lbs.

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  • Bracket Mounted Reels
    Bracket Mounted Reels

    Bracket mounted reels are made of zinc plated steel and come standard with nylon coated galvanized steel cable. These spring reels have an exposed cable and spool which allows the spring tension to be adjusted.

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  • Spring Motor Assemblies
    Spring Motor Assemblies

    Our spring motors are a complete, “drop in” solution for both linear or rotary counterbalance applications.

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  • Custom OEM Mechanical Reels
    Custom OEM Mechanical Reels

    Hunter Spring is a specialist in designing and manufacturing custom, high quality spring reels for special applications within a wide variety of industries.

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