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Reels - Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Cable Reels in Food, Pharma and Chemical Industries

Stainless steel cable reels offer a variety of advantages in food, pharma and chemical industries where cleanliness and durability are of utmost importance. Among some of the advantages are:

1) Steel cable reels with unpainted, stainless steel surfaces allow for easy cleaning and resist corrosion and degradation even when subject to heavy wash downs and application of chemical cleaning agents and detergents.

2) Stainless steel is inert to the alkalis and acids produced by the cooking and processing of vegetables and food additives.

3) A paint-free surface eliminates concerns about paint flaking off and contaminating product and work surfaces.

Stainless steel cable reels are known for their duality, reliability, and overall ability to resist corrosion and aging in harsh and demanding environments. This makes stainless steel the material of choice when purchasing retractable cable reel for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Hunter Spring offers a variety of retractable stainless steel cable reel solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Learn about our ROTA-REEL Series of stainless steel cable reels, what we can do for your industry, or request more information from our Engineers.