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Springs - What is a Spirator Prestressed Power Spring

A prestressed Spir’ator power spring is produced by reverse winding a Neg’ator on an arbor and enclosing it in a case. 

Rotational energy can be obtained from either the arbor or case or, when linear motion is required, through use of a pulley and cable attachment.

The unique design of this encapsulated spring yields a compact power source which operates with higher working stress and can provide more than twice as many revolutions as a conventional power spring in the same size case. 

With torque and deflection being equal, a Spir’ator generally requires 20% less space than a power spring. Most importantly, this power package creates a low torque gradient.

Special Features – Spir’ator Springs
- Higher prestressing generally permits use of thinner material thus smaller package size than comparable power springs. 
- Low force gradient yields usable torque throughout operating range.
- Can provide more than twice the turns of a conventional power spring. 
- Compact and lightweight source of rotary or linear deflection.

Hunter Spring’s experienced engineers can help you select a spring design to meet your space, life cycle, load and operation requirements.

Request more information to see how we can help you with a Spir’ator spring solution.