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Springs - What is a Clock Spring

Clock springs, also known as power springs, are the oldest form of flat spring and the most common type in use today.

Clock springs are produced by tightly winding tempered spring material on an arbor and attaching the free end to a metal or plastic case. 

The spring’s natural tendency to expand imparts a moment to either the arbor or case, producing usable torque. The torque generated is cumulative so that the force increases as the spring is wound tighter and decreases as it unwinds. 

Clock springs can be shipped in customer-designed retainers for direct insertion into the customer’s product or simple retraining rings for transfer to the customer’s housing.

Special Features – Clock Springs
- High torque delivery per unit of deflection
- Relatively low cost
- Normal residual stresses
- Wide assortment of materials can be used

Hunter Spring’s experienced engineers can help you select a spring design to meet your space, life cycle, load and operation requirements.

Hunter Spring offers a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of clock springs. We deliver from stock or design custom springs suited to fit your exact needs.

Request more information to see how we can help you with a clock spring solution.