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Static Grounding Reels for Fuel Transit and Aircraft Refueling

Friday, October 13, 2017

For several decades, Hunter Spring has been providing static grounding reels, also known as static discharge reels, for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Today, the company offers one of the most comprehensive lines of static grounding reels on the market.

The reels from Hunter Spring have been mounted to drilling platforms, truck frames, railcars, storage tanks, docks, barges, and material handling equipment worldwide.

One of the most popular applications for static grounding reels is aircraft refueling. Hunter Spring reels are used in this application to ground the truck and the plane delivering the fuel to prevent static electricity from building up and causing an explosion.

As a flat spring manufacturer, Hunter Spring can customize the reel’s performance to meet customer specifications. The company provides a wide range of end connectors and cable types for different applications. It also offers many stainless steel reels for harsh, corrosive, and even explosive environments.

Hunter Spring’s heavy-duty ML series reels are ideal for applications that require longer lengths of cable (50 - 100ft).

Static Grounding Reels
Hunter Spring is a supplier to several customers in the aircraft refueling and fuel transportation industries, and meets exacting specifications (A-A-50696) in critical applications, where the discharge of static electricity could cause a spark and subsequent explosion.

The company’s ROTA-REEL and Heavy-Duty ML-2930 and ML-3416 series reels are designed for reliable performance and can be employed when transferring combustible materials between carriers (rail to truck, rail to rail, truck to tank, etc). These static grounding reels are best suited for use in ground support for bulk powder transfer stations, aircraft, terminals, and refineries.

All of the heavy-duty ML-2930 and ML-3416 models provided by Hunter Spring are equipped with an internal retraction brake which slows down the retraction speed of the cable to between 2 - 7 ft/sec.

Heavy Duty Reels

The heavy duty reels from Hunter Spring feature the company’s SPIR’ATOR prestressed power spring and are available in 50 ft, 75 ft and 100 ft lengths. The cable is held at any desired length by the company’s patented latch mechanism.

These heavy duty reels can operate in temperature ranges from -65ºF to 125ºF (-54ºC to 52ºC).

ROTA-REELs are compact, lightweight grounding reels. They are available in 20 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft and 100 ft lengths. The company’s 800 series are the only fully enclosed reels on the market capable of reaching 75 ft and 100 ft.