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CAT5e Data Cord Reel - 4in reel, 6ft cable

CAT5e Data Cord Reel - 4in reel, 6ft cable
The 4” CAT5e compact data reel is our smallest CAT5e cord reel size. Our 4” data reels are an easy-to-use cable management solution for Do It Yourselfers and IT and network professionals alike.

These data reels are ideal for conference rooms, classrooms, and lecture hall applications.  The CAT5e reels can be gang-attached or mounted into an optional housing bezel and installed into walls, tables, and podiums.

Key Features
- Compact size
- Unshielded 350 MHz twisted pair (UTP) CAT5e cable with RJ45 connectors
- Durable plastic housing
- Can be gang-attached and with other 4” data reels
- Pawl and ratchet locks cord in place
- 6’ extension for retractable cord, 3ft fixed end
- Custom OEM solutions available
Request more information to see how we can help you with a retractable data reel solution that suits your need or configure your custom reel today using our design worksheets.

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